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Teeth Whitening

healthy teeth and smileWhen tooth enamel discolors, a smile becomes aged. A white smile looks youthful, healthy, and attractive. If your teeth have developed unsightly stains, you’re not alone. Professional teeth whitening is the single most popular cosmetic dentistry procedure offered today.

Call our dental office in Glendale, AZ at (623) 915-9700 or in Phoenix at (602) 978-1932 and schedule a consultation about teeth whitening.

Why Teeth Stain

Small pores in tooth enamel allow extrinsic stains to set in, creating a yellowed, off-white appearance to teeth. Dark foods and beverages often contain tannins, which maximize their staining potential. Tobacco use and age also contribute to topical tooth discoloration. However, not all stains occur on the surface of teeth.

Tetracycline antibiotics cause stains are inside teeth, not on the enamel. We call internal stains intrinsic.  White lines that run horizontally across teeth may be intrinsic stains due to fluorosis, a condition that develops during childhood, when developing adult teeth are affected by overconsumption of fluoride.

How Teeth Whitening Works

Dentist-administered chemical teeth whitening is safe and effective for removing extrinsic stains from enamel. Dr. Shahin Dabestani offers prescription-strength, custom-fitted teeth whitening trays and strong whitening gel to lighten teeth dramatically in the comfort of your own home.

You’ll wear the gel-lined trays as directed, usually for an hour our two per day. Some patients like to wear their trays on their daily commute, while others wear them before bed. Home whitening gives you the benefit of treatment on your timeframe. Complete treatment requires daily use over two weeks, in most cases. Some patients reach desired results in a shorter time.

If you keep your custom-fitted whitening trays, you can re-treat whenever your teeth begin to tarnish. Simply call or stop by our office to purchase additional whitening gel.

To treat intrinsic stains, topical whitening may not be effective. In some cases, white fluorosis stains become less visible after chemical whitening, because natural tooth enamel lightens to the point that it blends with the stains. However, the blue stains of tetracycline and other causes of internal discoloration may be best remedied with porcelain veneers, white crowns, or cosmetic bonding applied as a thin veneer.

When to Try Whitening

If your stains are extrinsic, you can opt to try over-the-counter whitening toothpaste, mouth wash, or strips before turning to prescription whitening. Whitening products that you purchase in a pharmacy or grocery store are not as potent as the system Dr. Dabestani provides. If you don’t achieve the results you want with over-the-counter products, simply call us for a whitening consultation. Home teeth whitening is affordable and effective.

Intrinsic stains do not respond to chemical whitening. No amount of over-the-counter products will correct intrinsic tooth stains. As a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Dabestani can identify intrinsic stains, so you won’t have to become frustrated with products that won’t meet your needs. He offers a range of cosmetic options to treat intrinsically stained teeth.

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Would you like a brighter, bolder, more vibrant smile? How about improved confidence in your smile? Would you enjoy smiling more, if you had whiter teeth? Don’t hide your smile one more day. Call Desert Palm Dental today and schedule a teeth whitening or cosmetic consultation in our Glendale dental office today. We look forward to giving you a brilliant, new smile!