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Full, Partial, and Implant-Supported Dentures

Senior couple with denturesIf you are missing all or a large number of teeth, dentures are typically the only way to restore your smile and oral function. Like many patients, you may have an outdated conception of dentures, picturing embarrassing, loose restorations. At Desert Palm Dentistry, we offer a full array of modern dentures, made with great skill and precision. Dr. Shahin Dabestani, DMD, can provide both full and partial removable dentures, which will fit securely and comfortably around your gums. As a skilled oral surgeon, he can also supply implant-supported dentures for unrivalled stability. In all cases, your denture will match your facial proportions, bite alignment, and the natural color of your smile.

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Complete Dentures to Restore Your Entire Smile

As the name implies, complete dentures will restore your full upper and/or lower dental arch. Dr. Dabestani can also provide a full-mouth restoration to replace both arches at the same time. A full denture will fit all the way over your alveolar ridge, the bony crest just underneath your gums. The restoration’s plastic base will be carefully selected to match the natural shade of your soft tissues. Lab technicians will set the ceramic or porcelain teeth into this plastic base. Though the restoration will fit firmly around your gums, you will also need to use denture adhesive to keep it in place.

Like some patients, you may be receiving a denture after multiple tooth extraction. In these cases, we offer both conventional and immediate dentures. You can wear immediate dentures during the recovery process. When your gums have healed, Dr. Dabestani will supply your long-term restoration.

Partial Dentures to Replace Multiple Missing Teeth

If you still have some healthy teeth, but you struggle with large gaps in your smile, you are probably a candidate for a partial denture. Like a full denture, a partial has a plastic base that will match the color of your gums. It will also fit around your alveolar ridge, and you may use denture adhesive for further security. However, a partial denture will differ from a complete restoration because it will have small metal clips to attach to the nearby teeth. These clasps will be hard to see, but they will greatly increase the stability of your restoration.

Contact our office to learn more about your denture options and find out which type may be right for you.

Implant-Supported Dentures Offer Strength and Permanence

An implant-supported denture is as close as you can get to natural teeth. Dr. Dabestani will place the tiny posts in your jawbone during a carefully planned surgery. Your bone will fuse around the implants so that they replace your tooth roots. When you have healed, Dr. Dabestani will attach your permanent denture to the tops of the posts. (As with removable dentures, he can also furnish a temporary restoration while you are healing.) Dental implants can support both full and partial dentures. You will receive a specific number of implants based on the size of your restoration and the structure of your jaw. You will need at least two implants for a partial denture and at least four for a complete restoration.

Like our removable dentures, our implant-supported dentures will correspond with your natural smile, and they will maintain your normal bite alignment. At the same time, these restorations have several unique and very important benefits. First, they are firmly anchored in your mouth, so they will never slip out of place. Implant-supported dentures are also more realistic, since there are no metal clips or plastic bases. In addition, dental implants can actually prevent bone recession. They will replace your tooth roots and, like natural roots, they will send restorative signals to your bone tissue. Therefore, you will not have to worry about a changed appearance or a loose-fitting denture as your jawbone starts to recede.

Which Type of Dentures Are Right for You?

Dr. Dabestani will carefully consider your health needs and budget to determine which type of dentures is in your best interests. Though implant-supported dentures are the most realistic, a traditional restoration can also be a great choice. This type of denture may be especially appropriate if you are on a budget or if you have a health condition that can make it more difficult for your jawbone to heal. Whether you receive a traditional denture or dental implants, Dr. Dabestani and our partner lab will work tirelessly to ensure your comfort, complete oral function, and beautiful smile.

Contact our office to learn more about your denture options and find out which type may be right for you.

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